Saturday, July 2, 2016

New Game: Asteroid Attack

Not a fully origanal game, due to it being a remixing of another Scratch project, comes Asteroid Attack! A very fun space shooter by ChickenHunter where you destroy Aseroids, destroy UFOs for extra points, and collect Green Domes! Also like our last project, Hero of Space, it wasn't realesd exactly super recently, made in 2015. Click here to play the game!


Falcon's Dive Beta Testing!

Hello. I'm making a game and I want to know if I should make it an Offical Gamers Poison game.
So you can play it while it's still in alpha/beta phase!But when I get feedback saying its good, i'll add it to the Gamers Poison website.

Note:This post will be deleted when game is on website.
To play, use arrow keys to doge obsicles.

Friday, July 1, 2016

New Game: Hero of Space

Created a while before it was on the website, but now an offical Gamer's Poison game, comes Hero of Space! Defend Earth from the I-Yiots! Use the arrow keys to maneuver Ship-13 and the Space bar to fire a lazer! 50 points per I-Yiot! And click here to play the game!

Hello World!

Hey guys! It's TheProGamer1991 here and me and ChickenHunterGames are proud to anounce the Gamers Poision Offical Blog! Well, Gamers Poision is a group that makes games, run by ChickenHunterGames. So if you are intrested in us, follow our blog and check out our website Here.
And I will see you later! Bye!

Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel Here and CHG's There!